Development of Saint Mary’s professional and technical school

Development of Saint Mary’s professional and technical school

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The goal of St. Mary’s School is to contribute to the regional effort to alleviate poverty. Therefore, the school provides technical and vocational education and training to the unemployed and farmers in and around Wukro, in order to get students to create their own jobs or find a job.

Boosting employment among the youngest

In recent years, more than 700 students have graduated from different fields of specialization, and of these 85% have found a job. In addition, 620 young people have been trained in non-regulated training programs such as leather workshops, sewing, embroidery, music, painting and sculpture.

Training offered by the St. Mary’s School:

  • Training in the agriculture sector: Training that will cover the areas of raising livestock and farming techniques.
  • Training in the technology sector: General metal fabrication and construction of electrical installations.
  • Training in the information and communication technology sector: Training for assistants in Information and Technology for 35 apprentices every year.
  • Arts Training: St. Mary’s School offers training in leather making, embroidery, sewing to promote self-employment or cooperative work.
  • Training for St. Mary’s School Staff: In order to improve the quality of the training offered and obtain results efficiently, it is crucial to develop the skills of instructors and other employees.
  • Reinforcement of co-curricular activities: In addition to the academic training offered to students, it is vital to contribute to an integral human development, encouraging the academic body and students to participate in different extra-curricular activities.