Support for HIV / AIDS patients and prevention of the pandemic

Support for HIV / AIDS patients and prevention of the pandemic


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Battered by the HIV / AIDS pandemic

Due to the persistent succession of armed conflicts, the area has been characterized and is also characterized by a strong military presence directly linked to an increase in prostitution or the trade in sex workers which, together with misconceptions and cultural influences that weigh on women, contribute enormously to the alarming transmission of HIV / AIDS. One of the harshest manifestations of this reality is the high number of orphaned children, those who have lost their parents either due to HIV / AIDS or due to war, or minors who are not orphans but who have been raised by it. way since the lack of opportunities has forced their parents to migrate.

HIV and AIDS diseases affect all socio-economic sectors in Ethiopia, including; health, agriculture, education, business and industry. Families and communities, that is, society as a whole, is equally affected, making the achievement of antiretroviral therapy (ART) indispensable.


Retrovirals and nutritional help


Special attention is paid to people undergoing antiretroviral therapy (ART) and the physically frail. The purpose of this support is to help beneficiaries have additional nutrition. It is intended to provide a monthly financial aid for additional food to those people who are discharged from hospitals and in need of acquiring extra nutrients to have a better recovery from their illness.