Support for people at risk of exclusion  

Support for people at risk of exclusion  

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Puedes hacer un donativo mediante transferencia bancaria a través de alguna de las dos cuentas habilitadas (España y Etiopía). Por cuestiones de comisiones bancarias y comodidad, te recomendamos hacer el donativo en la cuenta en España.

Cuenta en España (Kutxabank):

  • IBAN: ES62 2095 5041 15 1061674080

Cuenta en Etiopía (Commerial Bank of Ethiopia):

  • Banco: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)
  • Cuenta: Nº 2900
  • Localidad: Wukro (Tigray), Etiopía
  • Titulares: Ángel Olaran y Abba Gebregziabehier Johannes

En la descripción de la transferencia puedes indicar el nombre del proyecto al que quieres contribuir. A continuación puedes encontrar los nombres de los proyectos:

  • Proyecto Huérfanos
  • Proyecto de nutrición
  • Proyecto VIH/SIDA
  • Proyecto personas en riesgo de exclusión

Para cualquier cuestión o pregunta, utiliza el formulario de nuestra web o escríbenos a la dirección

Muchas gracias por tu colaboración económica en los proyectos y por ayudarnos a seguir construyendo un futuro más digno para la gente de Wukro.

Donation Total: 20,00€

Provide support to street children, unemployed youth, households that depend on women, the disabled and the elderly who suffer from extreme poverty, through different programs so that they can support themselves. This program is carried out in collaboration with the WSDP (Wukro Social Development Program) to ensure its proper execution and supervision. The objective is to improve their living conditions through education, housing, food, basic needs, health services, etc.

In an area with little economic activity in the industrial sector and a fragile service sector, most of the population has agriculture as their main source of income, although many families subsist on a few head of cattle. With adverse weather conditions for favorable agriculture, the collected products are used for self-consumption and the surpluses are taken to local markets, meeting points where vital commercial exchange flows for the local domestic economy take place.

Special attention to the elderly in situations of extreme vulnerability

Attention is paid to elderly people in situations of extreme vulnerability due to the diseases they suffer, to form part of families with limited resources to cover the basic needs that all members have or to reside alone in a country where there is no pension system and the only sources of income are extremely tied to work. All of this means that elderly people who can no longer work or those who suffer from an impediment or limitation due to it are left helpless.

The objective of the intervention with this group is the coverage of basic needs in addition to the pertinent medical follow-up. Therefore, in the WSDP facilities there is a physical space and a cook hired exclusively for the preparation of lunches and dinners for these people. These either go there or are supplied at home in cases of great limitations. On occasions, in addition, financial support is extended to cover the home and its maintenance.